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    Museums in San Francisco

    Visiting San Francisco is something that you have to do at least once in a lifetime. The city is simply amazing and it will help you gain memories for a lifetime. You will find its surroundings simply breathtaking, its architecture is amazing, its food scene is to die for and we could continue on and on. Regardless of what type of tourist you are, there surely is something interesting for you to do in San Francisco. For example, if you enjoy visiting the most important museums in the cities that you travel to, you should know that San Francisco has a few which you are surely going to love. We particularly recommend the Aquarium of the Bay, where you can stroll through 300 feet of tunnels made of clear acrylic and the Children’s Creativity Museum, where your kids can learn more about music, digital media or animation in a fun way. Also, make sure that you don’t miss the California Academy of Sciences, where you can visit a planetarium, an aquarium and a natural history museum and the de Young Museum where you can learn more about the American art from the 17th through the 21st century thanks to its 27,000 works.


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